Unbelievable Educational BATH fun!

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Childhood is a time of discovery and learning and our vision is to integrate the daily activities of children with products that magically transform everyday actions into times of learning, growth and exploration. Our products add a splash colour and enjoyment to your child's day. A child will NEVER NOT want to bath again. The fun Kaleidoscope bath products come in a set of Angel Powder, Soap Putty, Bubble Bath, Bath Foam, Super Slush and Dress UP Bath Time Foam Dolls with clothes.

  • Angel Powder is a unique fun and educational colour powder which transforms bath water into a magical colourful playground. Teaches children about colour combinations. Ideal for children with eczema. Available in Red, Blue and Yellow.
    125g each.
  • A wonderfully different bath soap with the texture of play dough. It is soap free and gently cleanses the skin. The ability to mould this soap, with its bright colours and fruity fragrance, makes it extra fun. It comes in an acorn shaped container and includes a geometric cutting shape. Available in Red, Blue, Yellow and Green 100g each
  • A colourful and fun foam bath with a wonderful aroma and mystical sea creatures in every bottle. Your children will love hunting the little sea creatures in the bath. Available in Red, Blue, Yellow, Green and Pink/Purple.
  • A brightly coloured foam soap with a wonderful fragrance. The fun foam encourages children to wash from head to toe while colours, textures and fragrances create a tactile and sensory experience. Mix colours, create bath designs and wall art that rinses off easily. Available in Red, Blue, Yellow and Green.
  • Super Slush turns bathwater to coloured slush then back to water of a different colour. Available in Red, Blue and Yellow.
  • And Dress Up Bath Time Foam Stickers gives hours of fun dressing up figures with clothes and fashion accessories. They float on the water and stick to the bathroom tiles when wet. 

    Available in South Africa

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