Human Planter with Peace in the Home Hair (Lifelike size)

R 395.00

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Send this lovely and very unique planter with 'peace in the home' to someone special and for just about any reason or occassion!

Has she or he had one of those days when they simply wish for a moment of peace? While this indoor plant won't make your to-do list disappear, taking a second to admire its petite, round, bright green leaves will refresh your mind.  In fact, researchers have found that indoor plants help to reduce stress, ease eye irritation, headaches and fatigue. It has a number of common names, including baby's tearsangel's tearsmind-your-own-businesspeace-in-the-homepollyanna vinepolly prim and mother of thousands.

Delivered as is with your message in a gift card and instructions on how to ensure your peace companion is taken care of.

  • Available in Cape Town only

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