Need to Knows

Hours of operation 

Dial-a-Surprize is open for telephone calls and email correspondence from 09h00 to 15h00 daily Monday - Friday. We deliver during the day, Monday – Friday up to 16h30 or as arranged (t's & c's apply). We are NOT open on Pubic Holidays! Orders for the weekend need to be placed and paid for in full before 12h00 on the Friday preceding the weekend.  As we are generally not open over weekends, a member of staff will be going into the office to execute your order especially and a surcharge of R150 therefore will apply for all weekend deliveries. 

Delivery times

As much as we would have wanted to, it is impossible for Dial-a-Surprize to guarantee ANY delivery times. We follow a route and do not return to the same part of the city more than once daily. It is therefore advisable to place your order as soon as possible so that we can plan our deliveries with yours in mind. We will accept NO time restrictions. We would rather forfeit your order than disappoint you. We will, however, try and stick to your request as much as possible should the delivery area be close by. The delivery of orders commence from 09h00 in the morning until end of workday 16h30. We can, unfortunately, not be held responsible for any deliveries which are delayed if your gift is couriered. Where we are reliant on 3rd party service providers, we may not always reach your timelines but will endeavor to do so to the best of our abilities.

Running late

Should our driver be delayed due to circumstances beyond our control,  Dial-a-Surprize reserves the right to contact the gift recipient (without revealing specific details and spoiling the surprize) to announce that they have a delivery and to enquire as to where the recipient will be at the expected delivery time. Should the delay be as a result of our own time management or unforeseen circumstances, we will divert the delivery at our own cost. We can, unfortunately, not be held responsible for any deliveries which are delayed if your gift is couriered. Where we are reliant on 3rd party service providers, we may not always reach your timelines but will endeavour to do so to the best of our abilities.

What happens if recipient is not at address?

Should the gift recipient have left the office early (or did not go into the office at all) on the day of delivery, or should the gift recipient not be at the home/delivery address given, Dial-a-Surprize cannot be held responsible for this. The gift will either be delivered to a colleague who will sign on the recipient's behalf or, the gift will be left with a neighbour or concierge on duty. In each instance the sender and/or receiver will be notified. If, this is not possible, the recipient or sender will be phoned for an alternate address or to make alternate arrangements. If the sender is not available, the recipient will be contacted for an alternate address. If there is an additional delivery fee payable (e.g. the new address is not in the same suburb), this will have to be paid before we commence with the delivery to a new area, causing major delays that will impact our other customers. If we have already been to the area for the day and it is too far to divert our delivery route without disappointing our other customers, we will only be able to deliver again the next day. A new delivery fee will be charged and if the gift consisted of balloons and cakes, this will not be replenished at our cost. All fees must be paid up before we attempt the delivery again. It may therefore be important that you know the gift recipients movements on the day of delivery so that we are able to provide an efficient and fair service to all our paying clients. Alternatively, it may be worth notifying the recipient that a gift is on it's way. We aim to surprize and will only revert to the above if it is important that the recipient gets the gift on the day - i.e. for birthdays.

In the event where we are requested to deliver to a company, we need to adhere to the company rules relating to delivery, for example, we may be requested to leave the parcel at reception or the mail room and may not have the opportunity to deliver your gift to the recipient personally. In this case, we cannot take responsibility for company policies or the fact that the gift did not reach the recipient timeously.

Please note that a confirmation of delivery is sent to all clients at the end of the day. You are, however, welcome to contact us at any time per email to confirm if the delivery has been concluded.

Incorrect/incomplete address details:

Should you provide incorrect or incomplete address or telephonic details which prevents us from delivering the gift on the day, we will not be able to proceed with the delivery.  Please ensure therefore that the address details provided are correct. Our business is to deliver the gift, yours is to provide us with the correct delivery details. Should the address be discovered to be incorrect when the driver is busy with the delivery and neither the gift recipient nor the sender is immediately available per telephone, the gift will be returned to the office and another delivery fee will be payable before the gift is again delivered the next day. The same gift will be delivered the next day – i.e. it will not be replaced with a fresh cupcake.