'Ficus Pumila' - in a beautiful keepsake antique floral pot ... with a gift card

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Ficus pumila (creeping fig or climbing fig) is a species of flowering plant in the mulberry family, native to East Asia (China, Japan, Vietnam). Its name refers to the very small leaves of the plant.

Ficus pumila is a woody evergreen creeper. The juvenile foliage is much smaller and thinner than mature leaves produced as the plant ages. This plant requires the fig wasp Blastophaga Pumilae for pollination, and is fed upon by larvae of the butterfly.The fruit of is used in cuisine. In Taiwan, its fruit is turned inside out and dried. The seeds are scraped off and a gel is extracted from their surface with water and allowed to set and form a jelly known in Taiwan as aiyu jelly (or aiyuzi 愛玉子) and in Singapore as ice jelly (文頭雪).

This very interesting and beautiful little plant is sold as a juvenile in a beautiful antique floral pot to be enjoyed inside or out. (Look at the potential of this little ficus in the accompanying thumbnails). A beautiful gift for all occasions (condolences, thinking about you, have a great day etc.)

  • Available in South Africa

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